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How to use isBooth crosswords application: help and tips

  1. How to search and load crosswords
  2. The selection screen
    • on the left of the selection screen appears a list of crosswords collections, each with a description of the language, size, difficulty, author and publication date of the included crosswords
    • inside each collection, there are approximately ten different crosswords, which will appear on the right of the selection screen when you press on the collection
    • each square on the right correspond to a single crossword, that you can open with a click
    • a progress bar shows the progress in the crosswords solution
  3. Memory and isBooth database sections
    • On top of the selection screen appears the memory list, with all the collections of crosswords present in the local memory at the start of the game session
    • a second session shows the search results from the isBooth database
    • when you click on a collection in the search results, the collection is downloaded to your memory and the crosswords become visible
    • when the local memory exceeds 10 collections, the collections are removed from memory with a first-in-first-out logic
    • if you clear your local memory, all the downloaded collections and progress status are lost
    • if you play in private / incognito modes, the memory is not updated
    • obviously search results will only appear when you are online
  4. Choosing the language of the crosswords
    • Clicking on the language flag on the command bar relaunches a database search for collections of crosswords in the selected language
  5. The search options window
    • the clicking on the lense icon on the command bar opens the search options window
    • in the search option window, you can select the size, the difficulty, the author and the publishing date of the crosswords you wish to find
    • the search starts, when you click on the red search button at the top
  6. How to select the type of crosswords
    • a click on the four arrows icon on the command bar opens the type selection window
    • there you can select facilitated crosswords, traditional crosswords, diagrammless skeleton crosswords, crusadex or crosswords research
  7. How to play crosswords
  8. Active square and active word
    • the square highlighted in blue is the active square: any keyboard input will end in that square
    • the squares highlighted in gray belongs to the active word: its clue appears in the clue bar on the top
    • you can input your letters with a physical or a virtual keyboard
    • the backspace key delete the last letter
    • the space and return keys allow changing word direction
    • clicking twice on the same square also allows changing word direction
    • the hash key is used to input a black square
  9. The clues and the clues table
    • The current clue appears on the top of the crossword, the clue table appears on the left side
    • You can show or hide the clues table with the correponding icon on the top bar
  10. The icons on the top bar: hints, errors and zoom
    • The magic wand icon make the current word appear
    • the ERR icon activate or desactivate the error tracking mode
    • the zoom is optimized for the size of your screen
    • with the zoom icon you can select full screen or horizontal fit
  11. Subscriptions
    • Some demo crosswords collections are available for free
    • it is necessary to subscribe to isBooth, to gain full access to the database of crosswords
    • you can opt for a monthly or a cheaper annual subscription

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