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2/2015-06-23 - by giovanni

Overview of Crosswords and Puzzles WebApp

Introduction: Crosswords WebApp

When we started in 2014, a game as popular and traditional as the crosswords - 150-250 millions players in the world - had no pleasant application to play online: the websites offering crosswords either were offering printable pdf version or some very rudimentary experience to play online. The few native apps of good quality are recent - often developed from incumbent publishers or some small team - but are only effective on - and specific to - a single platform, IOS or Android and distributed only via the Apple Store or Google Play.

Therefore we developed an original crosswords' web application in HTML5, with an excellent user interface, capable and responsive on desktop and mobile alike, however optimized for tablets: we deliver the best crosswords interface on the web today and already a large collection of more than 800 grids in six languages.

Screenshot of our crossword application in spanish

Our webapp doesn't require any download or publishing on App-store or Google-play; we are present instead on the free Firefox marketplace and Chrome-store, which are dedicated to HTML5 applications; we believe that the future of applications is in HTML5, thanks to broad compatibility and versatility to all connected devices, and ever increasing flexibility and reliability.

The algorithm and the dictionaries required to produce crosswords were developed in-house and are fully proprietary to isbooth; we employ several freelance writers to write crosswords clues, but own the full copyright. Our database of clues is continuously expanding and we add approximately 100-200 new unpublished crosswords every month; we have no limit in capacity.

Our crosswords are currently available in six languages - English, French, German, Russian, Spanish and Italian - and far more languages can easily be implemented when revenues will allow paying more writers and increasing the number of dictionaries. Thematic and kids oriented crosswords can be developed adding ad-hoc dictionaries.

Marketing and Distribution

Our future target - once we reach enough traffic and users' base - is to sell crosswords under a subscription model: with [5]Eur/month or [50]Eur/year, customers will get unlimited access to our crosswords' database.

A large set of HTML5 puzzles-like applications - Sudoku, Geographic Quiz, Proverbs' puzzles, Jigsaw puzzles, Minesweeper, Words puzzles (word-fit), Fractal generator, Enigmatic Calculus, and more to come - are proposed on the isbooth website aside the crosswords: these games are freebies bundled with the crosswords, to increase the attractiveness of the website, the sessions' duration and our SERP positioning on Google.

Screenshot of isbooth homepage on iPad landscape in English

We offer to online publishers - mainly newspapers and magazines - the opportunity to include a free blank-brand daily crossword on their webpages and to include their own brand in the daily crossword application. Similarly we offer them to include Sudoku or each of the other available games on request.

We are currently increasing our applications exposure to and integration into Facebook, adding scores and competitions and facilitating sharing and friends invites to spread isbooth viral. A rich multilingual blog will complete our array of channels to increase visibility on Google.

We do not show advertisements on our website for the moment: we will probably do in the future for non registered users only, so to encourage users to register, even when they wouldn't wish to subscribe to the full scope of the application.

Call to Action - What we are looking for

Our current targets are (i) increasing traffic to isbooth and (ii) starting monetizing our applications.

We are therefore keen to explore the diverse arrangements You could propose to us, if our products are effectively distributed on Your website. Such arrangements can include BtoBtoC solutions, simply adding our apps as freebies on your website, or more sophisticated agreements.

French Banners without Brand for inclusion in third Parties Website (can be customized)

We don't require our brand to show up on your website and we can include Your brand inside some of our apps.

Please contact the application editor for further information

Many Thanks and Best Regards

Giovanni Drago