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Help and Tips

  1. No installation required
    • IsBooth games and applications do not require any prior downloading or installation
    • You can play directly on the internet with either a smartphone, tablet, desktop, xbox or playstation
    • Many applications can run offline: try!
  2. Add isBooth icons to the home screen
    • All isBooth applications - e.g. jigsaw puzzles, crosswords, sudoku - can run in full screen mode
    • On Android: bookmark the application and select the add to homescreen option
    • On Safari (iPad, iPhone): tap the bookmark icon ( ) and select add to home screen
    • On windows 8: bookmark the application, select pin to start and then your favorite icon size
  3. You need a modern browser
    • On desktop : Internet Explorer E10+, Firefox 16+, Google Chrome 26+, Safari 6.1+, Opera 12+
    • On mobile : Safari 7+, Android browser 4.4+, Opera Mobile 20+, Chrome for Android 37+, Firefox for Android 32+, IE Mobile 10+
  4. In the browser's preferences
    • Javascript needs to be enabled
    • Private / incognito browsing needs to be off for the applications to remember your game status and preferences
    • If requested (Firefox), you need to accept to allocate memory space to isBooth